Handmade Hats & Caps

Feliz is a shoes & accessories brand that produces a range of high quality and affordable hats and caps available in seasonal shades and styles. The handcraftes hats are for both women and men.

The best sellers is the Brasil hat with its origine in the 1920's. The Fedora style actually originated as a woman's hat, with the name Fedora coming from the title character of Victorien Sardou's 1882 play, Fédora, played by Sarah Bernhardt in a fedora on stage. In 1920's the fedora had been adopted by men as a typical men's hats.

Iconic hats styles are Rancher also a fedora hat and model Gaucho a much needed clothing piece used by Gauchos, whom in the early 19th century worked on the South American ranches.

Feliz also offer caps and buckets hats in cotton quality for summer. A cap or bucket hat is you best travel buddy. Keep yourself protected and look amazing.