Fashion by Feliz

At Feliz you can shop clothes from carefully curated fashion brand.
All brands with a touch of modern bohehiam style. To me bohostyle is not fast fashion, its a lifestyle. We offer mainly neutral tones that matches my Feliz shoes, my collection and concept.

The brands we present:

M.A.B.E. a beautifull summer brand from the UK. Celebrating the spirit of an endless summer, a collection crafted with passion and joy. The refines M.A.B.E. tops and jackets are designed to wear every day.

Moost & the Muse is a modern bohemian lifestyle brand with a touch of rebellion. Its roots are in Amsterdam and San Fransisco. Creative and playfull knitwear defines and casual materials and free shapes the collection.

Studio MKT is inspired by great icons from the 70s, 80s and 90s. All this because a group of creative designers combined their talents to create a beautiful edgy collection. The contemporary spirit of the times makes MKT Studio rocky, but timeless.

Since 2008 Feliz offers the perfect style for the sun loving spirits.

Happy shopping!